Saturday, July 10, 2010

Accepting Applications

With the growing number of RP's on Second Life, we have attempted to combine RP needs, shopping, and advertisement into one package: Hunt for RP.

Name: Hunt for RP
Dates: September 1 - 30
Theme: Roleplay. This can be clothing, furniture, vehicles, weapons, etc. It can be from Fantasy to Sci-fi, Gorean to Medieval.
Applications Deadline: August 18th
Maximum Number of Stores: 100

Please note that not every store may be accepted for the hunt. First come first serve will apply.
Please do not offer a reseller, BIAB (business in a box), and/or freebies. People will judge your store and decide if they want to come back and shop based on what gift you give.
Please try to include both a male and female gift (or unisex) if possible.

Hunt Item:
You will be hiding a leather bag. There are two different leather bags that will be offered: one scripted and one non-scripted. The scripted one will allow the bag to change location (to predetermined loations), sizes, and names each time someone finds the bag. This is designed to help prevent cheaters from using search and lists. However, if you wish to use the non-scripted version, that is fine as well.
If you use the non-scripted bag, please make sure that the object is set to sell for $0 LD. Also make sure that it is set to 'sell contents' -not- copy. This makes things much easier for the hunters and reduces the chance of people leaving litter around your store.
Please box/bag your gifts before placing them in the hunt object. The hunt object itself should contain only 2 things. Your gift in a box/bag and the next store LM.

If accepted, you will receive the hunt sign immediately. Please put the hunt sign out in front of your store or somewhere near the opening where it can be seen. The hunt item (a leather bag) will be sent to you approximately one week before the hunt begins. You will also be given a LM to the Hunt for RP subscribo system. This will allow us to send you important notices and information but will keep you from taking up another SL group slot. If you regularly have capped items and/or notices, you can go by and check the subscribo at any time. Any person who does not have the hunt sign out or has not joined the subscribo before the August 18th deadline will be removed from the hunt.

Reasons to Join a Hunt:
Hunts are proven to bring visitors to the store increasing your place in the search.
Hunts bring new potential customers to your store many of whom may not even know your store exists.
Hunts are a good way to show people the quality of your product. Often people return to stores where they got something good for a hunt to buy more things.

To apply, please send a notecard with all the following information to Armand Falconer before the deadline. If you have not heard back from me within 2 days, please send the notecard again in case SL ate it.
Please rename your notecard. HforRP - Application - Your Name


Name of Store:
Landmark for the Store:
SLURL for the Store:
Contact Person:
Sim Rating: (PG, Mature, Adult).

Sponsored by GMI, ~Sa-eela~, & Falcon Products.

Thank you,
Armand Falconer
GMI Manager
Falcon Products Designer