Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hunt Begins Again! March 2011

Some things as you go hunting.
First, there are no hints here on the website. This is due to the fact that some of the bags move and the hint changes.

Second, yes, some bags will move. If the hint sign has a timer, then the bag will move. If there is no timer, the bag does not move. In each case, the hint sign will tell you if there is a hint available. If there is a hint available, touching the hint sign will give you the hint.

Third, some sims are adult rated. If you are not verified, you will not be able to go there. Please consult the website to skip that sim. Some sims are set PG. Please be dressed appropriately when you go there. The store owners have worked hard to set this up for us so we should be helpful and respect the sim requirements.

Fourth, there is a group called Hunt for RP. Feel free to join the group (which is of course free) to get help. Please do not give direction locations in the group chat.

Fifth, technically, the hunt loops in that store #73 has the LM back to store #1. This was done in case someone picks up the hunt later on and doesn't want to have to start back from the beginning.

Armand Falconer
GMI Manager
Falcon Products Owner
H4RP Organizer

1. ~Sa-eela~
2. Falcon Products
4. Kittycat's Creations
5. Southern Charm
6. Genira Fantasy Roleplay
7. OUT
8. VOOM TATTOO's and more
9. ViGo Creations
10. T R I D E N T
11. *T R I D E N T Jewelry
12. OUT
13. Black Cat Bones
14. ~~~@simple Delights
15. Kajira~Kajirae
16. Mira Pagar Gorean Designs
17. {GR's}
18. ~The Legacy~
19. Roawenwood
20. Chained Heat
21. Southpaw
22. Devil's Trade
23. LnL Square
24. Genesis Inc.
25. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]]
26. *~ Dream Things ~*
27. Timeless Textures
28. ND/MD Skins & Shapes
29. Returned Karma
30. Primwynly
31. SilVerLine
32. Les sucreries de fairy
33. Dark Vision
34. Thorenbuilt
37. OUT
38. ~Simply~
40. ^^Moulliez
41. *GutterPup*
42. Silk and Steel Gorean Tavern
43. Trashy Designs
44. Morte's Seduction
45. Ziva's Underground Footware
46. Destiny's Designs Take the elevator upstairs. #47 is downstairs
47. Suki's Silken Fashions Same sim as #46
48. Virtual Whimsy from buttons to boots
49. Donettas Discoveries
50. Eternal Dream Designs
51. Aster's Builts
52. Sassy!
53. Abundantia
54. Reigning Realms Magazine HQ same sim as #53
55. Sacred Roses
56. Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories
57. Korba Huet SpellFire Weapons
58. Celtic Dream
59. Gorean Trading Goods & PURITY
60. Trixa Design
61. X-Clusives Animations
62. Fallen Domino
63. [[[ COGOO ]]]
64. Blaisdale & Co.
65. Kittycat's Creations Same store as #4, different location, different gift.
66. Val's Lighting Emporium
67. House of SilverJinx
68. Builds by Bugaboo
69. United InshCon
70. Who Island Timeline Systems
71. NLimbo
72. Ahava Star
73. Dare Designs